I cannot thank the universe enough for having put Emma on my path. She has changed my life in ways I didn't think possible.  

Over the past 2 years or so, I have put on a significant amount of weight and the hatred and embarrassment I was feeling towards my body and myself were getting to be unbearable.  

And even though we've just started talking about my relationship to sex recently, my relationship to my body, to myself, to my confidence and sexiness and my role as a leader, as a Queen, has done a complete 180!  

In the past, I've stuffed myself in clothes that were 3 sized too small, that cut off my circulation because of the shame I felt around needing to move up in size. I've stayed inside the house for almost 1 year and a half to avoid having people I know see me and judge me. I have stopped myself from working on my business because I thought no one would want to buy from someone my size... And since I've started working with Emma I have ordered AMAZING new clothes in "Plus Size" sizes that actually fit me and look unreal! I've been going out, hanging out with friends, going to parties... like I'm actually doing stuff OUTSIDE of my house!!! I've started working on my business again and (drum roll please...) have ACTUALLY booked a PHOTOSHOOT for ME!!!!

Like WHO AM I?!?  

All I have to say is, girl if you're feeling far from the Queen that you are and feel stuck and like there's no hope for you, I cannot encourage you enough to work with Emma! Her method will blow your mind and, someday, you'll wake up in a new reality thinking, "I thought getting here would be impossible!"  

I will forever be grateful and support you, Emma! THANK YOU!!! 

Monika H.


I’m Dr. Emma also known as Emma Gone Rogue the founder/creator of The School Of Radical Pleasure, moon and magick lover, Starseed/lightworker, a badass Sexual Empowerment Coach, and a radical pleasure activist.

The School of Radical Pleasure is a magically designed and proven journey home to remembering the truth of who the fuck we are, the divine magnificence of our bodies at every size/age, & how to live a life that turns us the fuck on!

Shatter shame and unleash pleasure, power, and true desires! 

Make this your year! 

I can't wait to work with you!