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I have a PhD in human sexuality. I am the CEO and founder of the School of Radical Pleasure. I’m a certified clinical sexologist, certified sexual empowerment coach, I’ve been a surrogate partner.

I’ve been a professor at a University, I  have taught mindfulness and meditation classes. I’m a certified sex educator, all the things I love talking about sex, I love working with couples.

It is my life’s PURPOSE to be a part of the REVOLUTION by helping people all over the world reclaim their pleasure, power, and unapologetic realness in the bedroom and beyond!

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I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Spark PodCast!

Too often our sexuality has been kept under the covers and in the dark. We are all sexual beings and having a healthy sense of our own sexuality is an essential part of embracing who we truly are.

I want to invite you to listen as I explore what it means to be our authentic sexual selves.